6 Month Private Coaching

Business Coaching for ChangeMakers
with Rose Harrow’s signature business building program:

Authentic Marketing from the Heart™

Where ChangeMakers grow profitable, heart-centered businesses without selling their souls

6 Month Private

Your Fastest Progress Option;
Support Like You’ve Never Had


Private Coaching

6-month one-to-one coaching, customized, high-level strategies to
leverage your impact and influence.
  • Clarify Business Identity and align with your Life Purpose
  • Create Marketable Packages and Programs
  • Learn to market your way
  • Your pace, your focus areas
  • Serve more people easily
  • Increase your income

You Are Ready To Make Serious Progress

In this 6-month Private Individual Coaching, you’ll learn Customized, High Level strategies to leverage your impact and

This is for you if you:

  • Are ready to make serious progress
  • Are prepared to implement high-level strategies
  • Recognize you need custom results for your unique business
  • Are ready to go at your best pace

How Does this Program Work?

How it Works

  • We begin with a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit
  • We meet 24 weeks, by phone or zoom
  • Powerful, measurable goals and a solid pathway to reach them

Structure of the Program

  • Proven system to build a strategic design just for you
  • Customized private coaching
  • You’ll be seen, supported, and celebrated as you progress through your plan
  • Step by step pathway designed for you, so it will feel natural to implement
  • We’ll identify and dissolve obstacles as they come up, using leading edge brain science. Progress becomes easier and more fulfilling.
  • Assessments to discover your best personal and professional style

What's My Investment

  • $15k to $13k depending on various options.

This is what I do,

if this for you let’s have a phone call!

During our brief phone consultation, we will find out if it is a good fit to work together.