Rose Harrow Coaching

Do Meaningful Work. Live Your Life Purpose

Rose Harrow Coaching

Do Meaningful Work. Live Your Life Purpose

Executive Coaching

  • You are already successful, and you want to expand your influence and impact to make a greater positive difference.
  • You’re fine tuning your ongoing strategy to fulfill your Life Purpose. You need a Plan.
  • Blindspots can slow you down. You can get in your own way and not even realize it.
  • The right coach can keep you focused, on track, conserving precious time and energy.  
  • If this resonates with you, contact me and give yourself an elite level of support.

Sometimes Success Comes With a Price

Sometimes it is just time for a change of direction.

However,  Even with external success, there can be a sense of lack of fulfillment.  You may need to regroup and restore yourself.

Some highly placed people even tell me they feel lost, disoriented, disconnected with their family or other  relationships.  Or even from themselves. 

Some say they feel  hollow, and there is a gap they are trying to fill .  They have the money, fame, success, yet something is missing. 

What’s missing can be EMOTIONAL HEALING.  What’s missing can be their connection to their own ESSENCE, and also sense of being connected and related to people in their life, and a deeper meaning in life. 

What About Self Care?

Maybe success came at a cost of self care. So now what is needed is to find the way back to your essence, your sense of meaning, and also, self healing. You don’t need another success coach. You need a sounding board so you can hear yourself think, and re-discover the Essence that is within you.  Someone who you can bounce ideas off of, who has no vested interest in any specific outcome.  Someone to help you feel and process and not suppress.  So you can get in touch with and heal sadness, anger, and restore love & compassion.

Then you can easily come from that place of authenticity.  Then you can truly live your Life Purpose, and have work with meaning. 

She asks the deeper questions, and listens with heart and wisdom.  As a confidential sounding board, Rose has “heard it all” and can provide insightful listening, coaching, and results-oriented thoughtful strategies.  


The coaching I did with Rose was the best investment of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  

She transformed my understanding of “partnership” and how that applies to the people I lead as well as my relationship to myself.

Rose tailored her approach and “assignments” based on the issues I was dealing with from day to day — a huge benefit!  

I grew personally in ways I could not have anticipated because of my work with Rose.  

Rose is a powerful source of knowledge and skills and she also connected me with other resources which continue to benefit me.   

~ Jen, Front-line Manager at AT&T

Thank you for being a gift, guide, partner and angel throughout so many years (20+ counting) and so many challenges and opportunities.  I love, bless and appreciate you. 

~ Jan Simon, Executive Director  

Rose is a sharp, intuitive, and insightful Business Coach.Her x-ray vision and small detail precision coupled with decades of  experience help you grow personally as you grow your divinely inspired business!  Rose sees your gifts and sees your possibilities. I highly recommend working with her.    ~ Stephanie Trager, Attorney, Strategist