Speaking and Media

Rose Harrow’s Biography

After over 2 decades of facilitating professional and personal change, a car accident brought me to a moment of reckoning – a huge medical debt. Word of mouth had always been enough, and I had never learned to market my work.

And then I saw: it wasn’t just me. Most of the coaches, healers, consultants and trainers that I knew did not know how to market themselves.

I had to figure out how to seriously make enough money to take care of myself and pay off this huge medical debt.  So I trained. I learned. I became a business coach, and now: 

I catalyze heart centered changemakers – executives, coaches, leaders, holistic practitioners and speakers to: 

  • Develop their message, marketing and strategy
  • Create a profitable business, aligned with your Life Purpose
  • Reach more of the people you are meant to serve
  • Provide for your family’s needs without worry
  • Work healthy: balance of work/play/well being
  • Heal your relationship with money and be financially secure

I love to design business strategies that fit you like a glove, and to guide your success, step by step. Feeling more and more like your true self while you build a profitable business.

I continue to invest in my professional development and personal/spiritual growth, to serve as many people as possible.  Executive coaching, business coaching, and speaking  internationally is my Life Purpose, and it gives me great joy.