Virtual Workshop



Are You Ready to Get Hands-On with Your Heart-Based Business?


Virtual Workshop

Get tools and insights for your Heart-Based Business in this virtual workshop.
  • 1 hour (25 people max)

  • Starting: TBA

  • Tuition: $47


Virtual Workshop

This virtual group workshop gives a lot of value in a short amount of time. Practical, hands-on, you’ll get tools and insights you can use right away in your business.

You’ll get:

  • Create smooth “less work” systems
  • Supportive, confidential small group (25 people max)
  • Spotlight coaching with Rose
  • Progress steps to build your unique business
  • Heal your relationship with money

“I now have specific tools to access my resourceful state.”

“What’s wonderful about working with Rose is her ability to instantly create a safe space, guiding me with flow… following my lead and co-creating transformation so I can quickly return to a resourceful state. And now I have specific tools that I use when I catch myself disconnected from my resourceful state.”

Dinah Snow
Conscious Business and Public Speaking Coach

Ready to make a bigger impact?

Join the Virtual Workshop to get tools and insights to use in your business.