Rose Harrow, Speaker

As a seasoned speaker
I’m very comfortable in front of an audience. So I was surprised how valuable it was to work with Rose to refine the strategy, sequence and flow of my talk. I was also surprised and delighted with the powerful language tweaks that she showed me – they made everything work better. I guess it’s true that no one can see their own blind spots. Rose quickly showed me several ways to get better results from my speaking.
She doesn’t waste any time, and I highly recommend her.

~ Faith Ireland (Retired)
Washington Supreme Court Justice

Rose is a compelling speaker
and gifted storyteller who knows how to
hold a room with passion, humor, and ease.

~ Kendall Summerhawk
Leading Expert on Women Entrepreneurs and Money

Seeing Rose speak changed me…
she was inspiring, highly practical, immensely compassionate – and a good storyteller.
Her approach truly honors and encourages the feminine, the wholeness of our beings, and the sacredness in all.

~ Coleen Renee
Author, Storyteller

Rose Harrow’s Biography

“ChangeMakers hire me to build roots under their wings,
So they can make a better living while they make a better world.”

As a Certified Master Business Coach for the past 10 years, I’ve helped my clients double and triple their income.

I’ve worked with clients from 4 continents to grow profitable heart-centered businesses without selling their souls.

Using new paradigm marketing and my holistic approach to business, I show my clients how to make a better living while they make a better world.

With 30 years of intensive experience in brain science and business development, I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of heart-based ChangeMakers to attract more clients and help more people.

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