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Authentic Marketing From The Heart

Authentic Marketing from the Heart is a heart-centered program designed for solopreneurs who are change-makers – people who want to make a positive difference in the world through the services they provide.    

Leaders, coaches, wholistic practitioners.

This program is for you if you want to:  

– Serve more people and make a bigger difference

– Naturally attract more ideal clients   

– Increase your income

Streamline administrative time

– Find an authentic way to market that feels natural to you

– Get more progress on your Life Purpose!

Executive Essence

You are already successful, but you want to leverage your influence and impact, and so you need a plan.

– You’re refining the inner game, to fulfill your Life Purpose

– Blindspots can slow you down. You can get in your own way and not even realize it.  You don’t want to waste time.

– The right sounding board and coach can keep on you focused and on track so you don’t waste precious time.

–   You have a vision of a better world, and you seek to do the most good that you can.

–  Accelerate your results with coaching that is transformational, intuitive, practical

–  Move forward on your Life Purpose!

Rose Harrow Coaching

You have a vision of a better world.
Whether you are a Corporate Executive or a Holistic Practitioner
You are a “Changemaker.”
And you seek to do the most good you can.

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