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4 Continents Served

4000 People Trained

“Exponential Income Growth and a Streamlined Business Set-Up”

“I have worked with other business coaches who have big names, but I got SO much more benefit working with Rose.
In addition to amazing mindset breakthroughs, I got great practical results: exponential income growth, more Ideal Clients, a more streamlined business set-up.
It has changed my life, my income, the way I feel about my business. I feel supported on every level, and I highly recommend her.
Working with her is an amazing experience.

My personal life has benefitted as much as my business because she works with the whole person. And now I am able to reach more professionals with my work, to help them shine!”

– DOROTHY GRAY, Creative Brain Works

“Extremely valuable and helpful”

“As a retired MD from Sweden it has been challenging to adjust to the way of doing business in a new country. Rose’s insights, encouragement and support have been extremely valuable and helpful.

I appreciate her understanding and respect for my unique gifts and challenges, as well her own awareness of the mind-body connection that is the core of my therapy work. This has allowed me, with her guidance, to develop my own way of offering my transformational body-mind therapy to others.”

– KARIN GRANSTROM, MD, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist

“Allowed me to do the work I love so much more easily.”

Rose supports all aspects of my marketing planning and strategy patiently honoring my background and expertise. She keeps me going through events in my own life that could have stopped my momentum. I appreciate her ability to tune in to where I am coming from, and to be sensitive to my needs, my timing, and my style of growing my business. And always coming from sensitivity and grounding it in a practical progress.

This allows me to do the work I love, so much more easily.”

– LARHKEN CARROLL, The Power of Major Life Changes

“Brought to life my deepest vision – years sooner than I would have been able to do it myself.”

“Rose held space for me to bring to life my deepest vision – a few years sooner than I would have been able to do it myself. She could see this in me before I could, and helped me build a firm foundation under my dreams.

In a surprisingly short period of time, I began confidently offering programs that had been very far on the back burner. And now I hold space for others to help them move forward in finding their authentic selves, using my medium of art in a healing way.”

– LOIS GAYLORD, Spiritual Fiber Artist,

Wendy Rose Williams

“I’m Grateful I invested in Rose’s 6-month business coaching program.”

It was exactly what I needed to hone my services and rates, website content, and my top client volume business builder focus area. She helped me work through my business financials which is job #1 for any entrepreneur to have a healthy, sustainable business.
Also, Rose’s recommendations for a fantastic photographer, printer and newsletter service were all spot-on and I still use them today. Thanks, Rose!”

–WENDY ROSE WILLIAMS, Hypnotherapist

“Thank you for a deeply enriching program!”

“I loved learning from the depth of Rose’s layered wisdom, experiences, and responses. I appreciate all of the ways Rose facilitated this discovering of individual goodness, including honoring various opinions, and rejoicing and noting the successes. Thank you for a deeply enriching program. This program met and exceeded my expectations.”


“I carry your teachings in all that I do”

“Rose, you are a phenomenal mentor and teacher, offering not just breadth, depth and coverage of material, but also the ability to show how to organize it for easy use. Such a big part of my life you are, as I carry your teachings in all that I do and think of you so very often, you have no idea. Not just specific content and technique, but the wisdom of your reflective, steady and thorough insight into whatever you do.

Children’s Movement Education Specialist, (Retired Naval Officer)

“Transformational – I feel a million times better”

“Thank you so much! I feel a million times better. I am continually amazed, awed and impressed at the caliber of work you do in such a short amount of time. I’ve tried many things, and nothing has worked as rapidly and as permanently as the work we have done together. It is truly a transformational experience… and with so little conscious efforting or struggle!”

– MEGAN GALA, Coach and Healer,

“I now have specific tools to access my resourceful state.”

“What’s wonderful about working with Rose is her ability to instantly create a safe space, guiding me with flow… following my lead and co-creating transformation so I can quickly return to a resourceful state. And now I have specific tools that I use when I catch myself disconnected from my resourceful state.”

– DINAH SNOW, Conscious Business and Public Speaking Coach

“Any block that comes up in business or life can be dissolved – her system works!”

“As the president and founder of a company that once supplied the operations management training to over one third of the financial institutions in North America, I should have been thriving. I appeared to be. I had all the accoutrements of success, but PTSD governed my inner experience, until I found Rose and her rich toolkit.
I use the practical techniques and tools that she gave me, knowing now that any block that comes up in business or in life can be dissolved – her system works! I can now gratefully taste the joy and inner peace that is the promise of my faith. Thank you so much Rose.”

– NICOLE MERTES, President, The Impact Organization, Inc.

“Rose helped me synchronize my business with my passion!”

“Rose’s coaching changed my life and business for good! She helped me to discover details and specific actions to get where I wanted to be.
Not only that, but she helped me to synchronize my business with my passion. Now I love what I do, bringing my expertise to other cities, cultures, languages, and enjoying my business and family like never before. ….. Colombia, Atlanta, Ecuador, Uruguay, Arizona …All this within 11 weeks… and more to come!! When Rose talks, listen, because she doesn’t waste words.


“We shifted more in one session than in months on my own.”

“Before working with Rose, I was questioning every step I took and therefore not making the decisions to move my business forward.
With Rose’s deep intuitive awareness and profound skills, I was able to shift more in one session than in months of trying to clear this on my own.
Rose’s work is compassionate, deep, truly transformative and lots of fun!”

– SUSAN HAYWARD, Transformation Coach and Energy Healer

“I feel a spacious sense of possibilities.”

“Thank you for such rich work. Your natural gifts and healing support are much appreciated. It is very healing to experience unconditional love, support, and respect. I feel such a spacious sense of possibilities and greater love for myself… the possibilities are infinite.”

– KATHLEEN CLIFF L.M.P., Craniosacral Therapy

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